A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Hello World! We the Bureau of Artistic Development
are delighted you could visit our beautiful city.
Before we begin, let's review some safety tips:
Please refrain from any acts of self-expression.
Our staff works tirelessly to ensure harmony and
Failure to comply could result in severe penalties
so please help preserve our copacetic metropolis.
Thank you for your attention. We hope you find
your time here pleasant!

Paint it Up is made by Team 100% Juice as a final university project. I'll be uploading postmortem updates here.

Programmers: Alex Xu, Chang Lu, Ryan Buccellato, Cece Phu, Ashton Cooper

Artist: Yiming Li

Sound Designer: Jeff Huang

100% Juice © 2017

UPDATE: Download and listen to the OST here! Contains several unreleased tracks.

Install instructions

You'll need Java installed to play the .jar. Install the latest JRE here. Select your operating system and accept the agreement.

Windows: double click MainGame.jar to run it.

UNIX systems:

  1. Open the terminal.
  2. "cd" to your download directory (no quotes).
  3. type "java -jar MainGame.jar" (no quotes).


MainGame.jar 34 MB

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